New Courtroom Drama Is a Load of Bull

Written by PTC | Published September 13, 2016

bull An unconventional legal drama involving jury manipulation. Dr. Jason Bull is a master of manipulation. Holding three Ph.D.’s in psychology, Bull is an expert in “reading” people and knowing how they think. Bull puts his abilities to work in the courtroom as a “fixer” for defense attorneys, predicting what the jurors will do – then using his skills to create courtroom drama and manipulate the jury into finding his clients innocent. The first episode of Bull contained a large amount of adult-themed dialogue, such as discussions about teenagers engaging in drinking, drug abuse, bondage, fetishism, and anal sex. A photograph of one girl, nude and tied up on a bed, is briefly seen, and another girl’s battered corpse washes up on a beach. A man is shot, and another assaulted. Adult language, including uses of “ass,” “bitch,” “prick,” “dick” and similar words, is heard. In Bull, CBS has combined elements of ABC’s Scandal with its own “exotic detective” formula (The Ghost Whisperer, Unforgettable, The Mentalist); and with ABC’s Notorious, Bull is the second new drama this year about the way public opinion and the justice system is subverted by expert “fixers” through media manipulation. As the one doing the manipulating, Jason Bull is a smug, unsympathetic protagonist for a television series. Due to it’s language, violence, sexual dialogue, and unsavory premise, Bull is inappropriate for children. Bull premieres Tuesday, September 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

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