No Salvation for Angel from Hell

Written by PTC | Published February 9, 2016

AngelFromHell1 CBS has pulled the plug on Angel from Hell. According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS has pulled the plug on Angel from Hell, the new sitcom about a rude, crude, and obnoxious guardian angel who encourages her charge -- straight-laced dermatologist Allison -- to get more fun out of life. After screening the pilot last fall, the PTC warned viewers that Angel from Hell was “A crude, obnoxious, and insulting ‘comedy’ that’s far from heavenly.” After its delayed premiere in January, the PTC issued another warning about the show’s inappropriate content, and urged readers to contact the companies underwriting the program with their sponsorship dollars. There are reports that the networks are focusing on family comedies this coming fall. Let’s hope that the lessons learned from the failure of Angel from Hell translate to the new crop of comedies: You need to offer more than locker-room humor to connect with viewers at home.

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