PaleyFest: Parents Television Council Reviews The CW’s and CBS’ New Fall TV Shows

Written by PTC | Published September 8, 2014

Paley Center The CW and CBS showcased a few of their upcoming new fall TV shows over the weekend, and the Parents Television Council’s special correspondent Christopher Gildemeister has given parents the inside scoop on what shows may – or may not – be good for their families. Two of the most promising shows for families so far seem to be The CW’s The Flash and CBS’ Scorpion. The PTC writes about The Flash, “Unlike its sister DC Comics-inspired program Arrow, which often features a dark, brooding tone and intense, fairly realistic violence, The Flash is largely an upbeat, positive show with lots of exciting action but little graphic violence.” And about CBS’ Scorpion, the PTC says it’s “a program full of action without graphic violence, relationship drama without graphic sex, and which makes being smart look cool, Scorpion is a safe, fun pick the whole family can enjoy.” But there are some shows that families may find objectionable, including CBS’ Stalker and The McCarthys. The PTC warns about Stalker: " From producer Kevin Williamson (creator of Fox’s serial killer/murder cult program The Following) comes yet another dark, deeply disturbing series centered on terrorized innocents preyed upon by ultra-violent psychopaths.” About The McCarthys, the PTC writes, This alleged sitcom is filled with offensively over-the-top stereotypes (ignorant bigot father, domineering, manipulative mother, dumb jock oldest son, trashy daughter, and a gay son who proclaims his mother is his ‘best friend,’ and with whom he watches soap operas and dishes about fashion).” Another bright spot among the previewed shows is CBS’ Madam Secretary, for its presentation of “an appealing image of a strong, competent woman in a position of leadership, who uses her position to do good in the world.” That’s a welcome change from storylines that too frequently show women and teen girls in sexualized roles, as the PTC has documented in recent research. Without further ado, read for yourself what’s coming up this fall. The review for each individual show can be found as follows: The CW’s Jane the Virgin The CW’s The Flash CBS’ The McCarthy’s CBS’ NCIS: New Orleans CBS’ The Stalker CBS’ Madame Secretary CBS’ Scorpion Of note, the PTC’s reviews of these shows are based on the premiere episodes, so it’s always good to keep in mind that shows may change as more episodes are shown. Please visit the PTC’s Family Guide for further information and reviews about these and other shows. Stay tuned for updates about new shows on ABC, FOX, and NBC over the next few days.

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