Panera Bread off "Dating Naked" – But There's More Work to Do!

Written by PTC | Published July 21, 2016

DatingNaked Did you see the story yet in Advertising Age -- a major trade publication read by every major corporate sponsor and advertising agency in the country – about the success we’ve had in getting sponsors to withdraw their support for the sleazy content on VH1’s Dating Naked? Since that article was published, there have been even more sponsor withdrawals! On last night’s episode, there were no ads for Panera Bread. We are making a diffence but but there’s still more work to do! VH1 is digging in, and even though they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for sponsors – there are still companies who have not responded to our calls and e-mails. It’s time they hear from YOU, the consumer. Take Action: Contact Anheuser-Busch today! Let them know that you WON’T support a company that supports the content on Dating Naked with its advertising dollars. Just because Anheuser-Busch is a beer company, doesn’t mean they get a free pass! Their ad dollars help to make this content possible, and their continued sponsorship helps keep Dating Naked on the air. Member activism works. We’ve got the results that prove it. But we need your help. Advertisers need to know that the risk losing customers if they buy time on shows with sleazy content. And VH1 needs to know that if they keep shows like “Dating Naked” on the air, they will do so at a loss. Help us hold sponsors accountable… Because Our Children Are Watching.

Take Action. Stay Informed.