Parents Beware! Cartoon Network Expanding “Adult Swim”

Written by PTC | Published February 5, 2014

Next month, Cartoon Network will begin pushing its “Adult Swim” live-action and animation block at even more young children.adultswim “Parents beware: Not all cartoons are created equal. When Cartoon Network “Adult Swim” programming block begins, the content changes from being kid-friendly to adult-oriented in an instant – and not with the click of a remote, but with the tick of the clock. Starting March 31, kids will be exposed to “Adult Swim’s” explicit content beginning 8:00 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. “Adult Swim” has a long history of marketing explicit animation to children. The network’s announcement claims that they’re targeting adult males by moving “Adult Swim” to an earlier hour -- but in the process the network is throwing children under the bus. The PTC’s research found that “Adult Swim” includes some of the highest levels of explicit content, and failed appropriately rate sexual content, suggestive dialogue, and explicit language 100% of the time. Parents should not have to subsidize kid-unfriendly content in order to receive the programming they do want. The cable industry should abandon their contemptible “bundling” scheme that forces families to underwrite explicit content. Until the system is fixed, parents must be on high alert.

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