Parents Demand Ratings Reform!

Written by PTC | Published June 2, 2016

ratingspeople Parents are telling the PTC about their frustration with the inaccuracy of the current TV Content Ratings System. The PTC frequently receives emails and letters from parents all across the country. In addition to expressing their concern about the amount of sex, foul language, and extreme violence on TV, many parents also tell us about their frustration with the inaccuracy of the current TV Content Ratings System. Commenting on the season finale of NBC’s previously family-friendly singing competition The Voice, one parent wrote: I'm almost used to seeing Christina's breasts hanging out of her shirt, but letting Blake sing an F-you song during the season finale was completely inappropriate. Farrell sat down and read the words to Maroon 5's “Animals,” Christina's “Genie In A Bottle,” and Blake's “Redneck” song. Those songs feature some explicit lyrics. The Voice should have been rated TV-14, not TV-PG! Another parent wrote about graphic violence being rated safe for teens: The TV program The 100 airs on The CW network Thursday nights. This show has recently shown graphic scenes of rape, self-mutilation, executions, attempted suicide, crucifixions, waterboarding, and parental abuse. The 100 is rated TV-14, but the content should not be shown under that rating, at least not without a warning at the beginning to prevent the audience from being triggered. Parents are also deeply troubled by the fact that commercials are not rated. And often, inappropriate, adult-themed ads are placed in programs aimed at and rated as safe for children. My family was watching a rerun of The Big Bang Theory on TBS, rated TV-PG. During a commercial break, TBS aired a promo for TBS’ new series The Detour, which is rated TV-MA. In the clip, a couple was arguing about the husband's penis size in front of their two young children. The young boy is playing with a blown-up condom and joking about his father's penis size with his young sister. The sister says, "You know that's genetic, right?" and pops the condom. This promo should not have been aired during a PG show. Any commercials or promos should be rated PG or G. At the very least, the network should choose commercials that match the rating of the show they are aired on. Even programs rated TV-Y7 – specifically intended for seven year-olds – show commercials inappropriate for the program’s intended audience. Alvin and the Chipmunks is a TV-Y7 cartoon on Nick Jr. Recently, they’ve been running an ad for the movie Lost in the West. During the advertisement, a girl punches a guy in the crotch. Nine Lives, another movie Nick Jr. keeps advertising, has a joke about having the cat neutered. The audience that is watching Alvin shouldn't see or hear jokes about genitals. In fact, there shouldn’t be ANY inappropriate commercials on Nick Jr.! With such obvious misrating and gross irresponsibility on the part of the networks, it is clear why Ratings Reform is more necessary now than ever. Parents deserve a system that serves their needs…not the financial self-interest of the entertainment industry. To help the PTC Reform the TV Ratings, click here. Save

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