Positive Kids' Media = 30 Minutes? It's a Snap with SmartFeed!

Written by PTC | Published August 1, 2017

SmartFeed Introducing SmartFeed -- a new site designed to help parents find good media content for children. As a longtime technology entrepreneur, I truly believe in the power of digital media; but as a parent, I worried about the content that’s out there and the mindlessness of the media our kids spend so much time consuming. Rather than that time being wasted, or even harmful, what if instead it could contribute to their growth as little human beings? While moderation is important, when it is time for screens, I also believed that media should be nutritious, just like food. And so, I set out to build a tool to help parents find the “good stuffthat’s out there and help shape kids in a positive way. This journey has resulted in SmartFeed. I founded SmartFeed to give parents a tool I really needed in my own home and couldn’t find anywhere. We needed a way to make it easy for parents to manage screen time with customized media options to inspire, educate, and entertain my kids (and every kind of kid). The challenge – and the opportunity - is screen time content. And – that’s why we’ve spent the better part of 2 years building free services for parents - the SmartFeed website and the SmartFeed IOS App. We help parents find media that reinforces character traits (Positive Mindset Media) and specific educational content or skills (with apps such as Stack the Countries, Numbers League, Cut The Rope). We have titles and playlists for all ages including the tweens, Engaging Media that Tween Girls Will Love. We put together expert playlists with popular topics (for education and entertainment) to help more parents like us, find more content they’ll love for the kids and their kids will love them for “allowing”. You can thank us when you next need 30 minutes – either at home or on a road trip: Positive Kids' Apps & eBooks When You Need 30 Minutes Or create personal playlists based on your family values or favorite character traits, your kids’ interests, and your secret (or not-so-secret) academic hopes. And, it’s better than OK. It’s all good! Here are a few of our favorite positive or educational apps and book apps when you need 30 minutes. These titles are recommended for children 2-10 years old as indicated: Apps That Reinforce Education or Positive Character Traits Count the Animals (age 2-5) The concept of this app is simple: tap on a series of pictures to count a particular object or element in each scene. As you tap, the app counts along with you. Beautifully designed, with a wry sense of humor and 21 languages to choose from. Sago Mini Friends (age 2-5) The Sago Mini apps are irresistibly appealing and universally excellent, especially for the youngest users. Basic skills using numbers and sorting, and positive character traits like kindness and sharing are reinforced in an adorable, fun context. Endless Wordplay (age 4-7) This award-winning app features a variety of foundational reading skills taught through an engaging, fun interface. Interactive spelling, rhyming, and other phonics activities are presented clearly and thoughtfully, and the app is full of cute robots and other critters and fun settings. An engaging way to learn! Pickle’s Paper Dolls (age 4+) Travel around the world as you design and dress friends from different countries, and learn new words in French, Spanish, Chinese, and more. A cut above many of the dress up apps out there, with kid-centric dolls, clothes, and accessories, and a multicultural, world-centric point of view. Simple to play, adorable, and fun. Loopimal (age 5+) Every so often, an app comes along that makes practically perfect use of the capabilities of a smartphone or tablet-- and Loopimal is one of those apps. Creativity is sparked as users explore endless combinations of rhythm and music patterns, with delightful and whimsical results. Create, compose, modify, and play! Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System (age 6-9) Beautifully designed and chock-full of information, this app is a great option for those who are curious about space, planets, the sun, and the universe. Information is colorfully and clearly presented, and interactive and creative elements make for fun (and funny!) learning time. Monument Valley (age 7+) It’s a story. It’s a puzzle. It’s a mysterious, mind-bending logic game. It also happens to be incredibly beautiful, with stunning art and atmospheric music. It’s a great choice for logic and puzzle-oriented kids and adults to play together. Book Apps That Reinforce Education or Positive Character Traits Dr. Seuss’s ABC (age 3+) Your favorite zany Dr. Seuss characters come to life in this whimsical yet educational app, designed to reinforce alphabet, rhyming, phonemic awareness, and other pre-reading skills. Read on your own, turn the pages, or hear the words read aloud. Very enjoyable! PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit (age 5+) An innovative spin on the classic book-- this app includes the original story’s text (with an option to read on your own or hear the story read aloud), with delightful interactive elements throughout. Make leaves fall, blackberries grow, and bunnies giggle, all while enjoying Beatrix Potter’s beautiful original illustrations and themes of bravery, honesty, and perseverance. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (age 6+) A touching and mysterious story of love, connection, loss, and hope. This app is based on the book and Academy Award-winning animated short film, and is an interactive blend of both. Ethereal, thought-provoking, and a lovely choice for grownups and kids to enjoy together.

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