Promote Internet Safety – By Signing This Petition!

Written by PTC | Published July 23, 2014

Enough Is Enough (EIE) is a non-profit organization which works to make the Internet safer for children and families. The EIE’s Emmy Award-winning TV series Internet Safety 101® was created to prevent Internet-initiated crimes against children through educating, equipping and empowering parents, educators, and caring adults with the knowledge and resources needed to protect children from online pornography, sexual predators and cyber-bullies, as well as cyber security risks and dangers related to social networking, online gaming and mobile devices. The National Educational Television Association is offering EIE’s Internet Safety 101® to all public television stations in America through fall 2014. If you’d like this series to be shown in your area, sign EIE’s petition to PBS…because every child deserves to be safe on the Internet. To sign EIE’s petition, click here.

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