PTC Applauds El Rey Network for Responsible Action

Written by PTC | Published September 28, 2015

The El Rey cable network recently took action to accurately rate programming and protect children from graphic content. The El Rey Network is a new general entertainment cable and satellite channel. Though aimed at Latino audiences, the channel broadcasts in English, and concentrates on action movies and TV series. Recently, the network aired the graphic movie Pulp Fiction. Rated R in the theater, El Rey initially rated the movie TV-14, suitable for 14 year old children. The PTC reached out to the network to protest this incorrect rating. Writing to PTC President Tim Winter, a network representative stated, “We take the TV Parental Ratings very seriously and want to assure you that we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the content ratings assigned to the programs we broadcast. We have reviewed this matter and have determined that the movie Pulp Fiction should have been rated TV-MA. This issue has been corrected for all future airings.” PTC President Tim Winter said, “At a time when it seem that many networks shield themselves from responsibility by hiding behind inaccurate TV content ratings, it is refreshing to find one network which not only acknowledges an innocent mistake, but takes steps to correct it, and promises to act in the best interests of parents and consumers going forward. The PTC applauds El Rey for its responsible actions.”

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