PTC Applauds Google’s Plan to Increase Monitoring of Extreme Content on YouTube

Written by PTC | Published December 5, 2017

But additional monitoring of YouTube Kids is also a good idea, says PTC president. Google recently announced that it would add more employees to monitor problematic content on YouTube. The PTC supports Google's commitment. “We applaud Google’s decision to increase monitoring of violent and extreme content – both the videos and comments – on YouTube. This is a great first step towards not only protecting advertisers, but also protecting the health and safety of young viewers who may be watching. Our past research on YouTube found that children entering ‘child-friendly’ search terms were confronted with highly offensive content in the text commentary posted by other site users. YouTube continues to be a site that needs constant monitoring and today’s announcement should assist with that goal,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “Additionally, with YouTube Kids most recently announcing that it is adding safeguards on this site geared specifically for children, we urge the company to extend increased monitoring to this site as well. Safety of kid-targeted content should also be an extremely high priority for Google.”

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