PTC Applauds “She’s Somebody’s Daughter”

Written by PTC | Published September 30, 2013

Every year, thousands of young women are abused by the pornography industry…and millions of children are unwittingly deluged by exploitative imagery. The organization She’s Somebody’s Daughter is standing up for a culture that honors women. Initiated by concerned parents, She’s Somebody’s Daughter exists to create national dialogue about the realities of pornography and its role in driving the demand for sex trafficking and violence against women and children. Pornography is any form of text or media imagery designed to trigger sexual arousal. It can range from the inhumanely hard-core and violent videos found on the Internet to exploitative ads, like Victoria’s Secret commercials. 100% of children growing up in America today are exposed to some form of pornography or sexually exploitative media by the time they are 12 years old. Use of pornography not only warps users’ expectations for their relationships, it wreaks havoc on marriages and families, and ultimately contributes to human trafficking and child sexual abuse. Indeed, 94 percent of Americans believe a ban on Internet pornography should be legal. In recognition of the need to stand up against pornography, tomorrow (October 1, 2013) is She's Somebody's Daughter Day in the state of Oklahoma. The organization will take on the pornography industry with She's Somebody's Daughter billboards in Oklahoma City and next to the Hollywood Hustler store in Nashville, Tennessee, along with concerts and a Parents Awareness Night. Every child – especially every girl – deserves to grow up in a culture that respects her as a human being, not an object. The PTC applauds and stands with She's Somebody's Daughter for opposing those who would exploit all our daughters To learn more, go to

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