PTC Calls FCC KidVid Rule Changes “A Step Backwards for Children”

Written by PTC | Published July 10, 2019

kidvid1 The Parents Television Council responded to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposal to update the KidVid rules that was voted on by the Commission today. “The changes to the children’s programming rules adopted by the FCC today have placed the financial interests of billion dollar broadcast corporations ahead of the educational and informational needs of America’s youth. The changes are a big step backwards for children, but at least they are less drastic than what was originally proposed over a year ago. We appreciate the consideration given to the concerns we’ve expressed throughout this proceeding,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “We agree with the FCC that the rules urgently need to be brought into the twenty-first century. Legitimate burdens on broadcasters need to be assuaged, and the impact of digital distribution platforms needs to be considered. But while modernizing the rules, the Commission should also establish metrics that will allow us to track the impact that today’s rule changes actually have on kids over the coming years. And if we find that the changes went too far, then they should be scaled back or revisited in the future. “Those who produce E/I (educational and informational) programming have stated that the rule changes adopted today will reduce the available revenue base available for them to conduct their business. We hope that proves not to be the case. And we hope that content creators will find creative and innovative ways to ensure that high-quality E/I content is produced and delivered to children under these new rules.”

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