PTC Commends CBS’ Grammys Broadcast

Written by PTC | Published February 13, 2017

Grammy-Awards-2017 The Parents Television Council commended CBS for ensuring harsh profanity wasn’t aired during the Grammys broadcast. "I've been asked a number of times for a comment on last night's Grammy Award broadcast on CBS -- in particular the situation with Adele's appearance,” said PTC President Tim Winter. "CBS and its team should be commended for being on top of things and dropping the profane audio from the broadcast. The evening's harshest profanities never made it to air, and for that we are grateful. "I understand what led to Adele's emotional -- and yes, profane -- verbal outburst during her intensely personal tribute to George Michael. Obviously, such profanity wasn't appropriate for the time and place; but she immediately recognized that and immediately said so. I applaud Adele for her numerous heartfelt apologies, as well as for her moving tribute to Mr. Michael. "We call on all of the broadcast networks to be equally as diligent with their live broadcasts as CBS was last evening. And in so doing, broadcasters might broaden their audience to include millions of viewers who, but for the seemingly-ubiquitous profanity, would otherwise watch live award shows."

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