PTC Condemns Harsh Profanity in New AMC Program Title

Written by PTC | Published October 2, 2019

The Parents Television Council is calling on advertisers not to support AMC’s forthcoming show, "Kevin Can F**K Himself,” which has just been greenlit by the network.“The world seems increasingly eager to lose its sense of civility. The latest demonstration is AMC’s disappointing and misguided decision to drop an F-bomb into a title of a new television program. We are publicly calling on advertisers to eschew associating their corporate brand with such a profane show title,” said PTC President Tim Winter.“Corporate America is increasingly showing its values by refusing to associate its brands with certain harmful trends. We challenge corporate America to refuse to financially support TV programs that have harmful content, especially within the show’s title. It has never been more difficult for parents to monitor the program content their children are consuming, but it is virtually impossible even for the most diligent parent to block profane content in the title of a TV program.“Hollywood is pointing at politicians as an excuse for adding profanity to their lineup, while politicians point at Hollywood for their profane rants. What nobody seems to be pointing to is a solution at creating a more decent and civil society for our children and grandchildren. We hope advertisers will step forward with responsible media buys. And we call on cable and satellite systems to remove any harsh profanity from their program guides.”

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