PTC Congratulates Mark Burnett on Emmy Win

Written by PTC | Published September 27, 2015

During the 67th annual Primetime Emmy Awards on September 20th, executive producer Mark Burnett’s program The Voice won an Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition Program. After the Emmy ceremony, Burnett discussed the way that The Voice brought “kindness and integrity” to singing competitions. “The Voice is kinder, and the coaches get so personally invested in these people who have come from all over America. They’re great singers in their communities, and they’re now on the big stage. They’re working with artists they never thought they would ever, ever meet. And these superstar coaches really, really care. We’re so grateful to the coaches and all of the contestants.” Burnett has much to be proud of. Burnett has become one of the most powerful and influential producers in television – and he has done so by creating only family-friendly programs. From The Voice to Shark Tank to Survivor to the mini-series The Bible and the game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, Burnett’s programs have entertained millions of Americans without resorting to sexual content or graphic violence. Mark Burnett is proof that television doesn’t have to resort to explicit, mature content to entertain. The PTC congratulates him on his well-deserved win.

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