PTC Going to PaleyFest

Written by PTC | Published September 2, 2014

The PTC is going to PaleyFest. You are invited to come along, and get a jump on the new fall TV shows! Paley Center Each year, the Paley Center for Media hosts PaleyFest, a preview of some of the new fall shows on the broadcast networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and the CW). PTC’s correspondent Christopher Gildemeister will be there, providing reports on upcoming TV season – giving YOU the lowdown on program content, and which new shows are safe for your youngsters to watch. Watch for our daily blog posts about each new show during the week of September 6-11. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Be sure to come along! About the Paley Center for Media The top executive at CBS radio, broadcast pioneer William S. Paley built CBS from a small radio network into a major force in American broadcasting. From establishing regular broadcasting schedules containing familiar styles of programming like dramas, Westerns, and situation comedies, to creating CBS News, Paley made CBS into America’s dominant radio and television network, a position it retained for decades. In 1975, Paley founded the Museum of Television & Radio to preserve and make available to the public great examples of broadcasting from the past. Today, with headquarters in both Los Angeles and New York, the renamed Paley Center for Media offers an archival collection of radio and television broadcasting; organizes symposia for scholars of media and retrospectives of past programming (recently, the Center hosted a reunion and group interview of the cast of WKRP in Cincinnati, for example); and serves as a place where advertisers, “creatives,” and entertainment industry executives can meet and discuss the evolving media landscape. To learn more about the Paley Center for Media, click here.

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