PTC: Hollywood Must Be Held to Account for Impact of The Hunt

Written by PTC | Published February 12, 2020


LOS ANGELES (February 12, 2020) – With news that Universal Pictures’ The Hunt would be released in March after being pulled from release last year, the Parents Television Council is questioning the decision to re-release the film that focuses on a group of rich elites hunting other humans for sport.

“Merely days ago a bitterly divided U.S. Senate voted on the president’s impeachment which, itself, was the product for an even more bitterly divided House vote. We are at the center of one of the most divisive, vitriolic times in our nation’s history since our civil war took the lives of more than 600,000 Americans. Yet Hollywood, in its infinite wisdom, has chosen now to be the appropriate time to show political rivals being hunted down and killed, solely because of their political beliefs, all in the name of satire? Perhaps it is never a good time to distribute such a motion picture. It matters not one iota which partisans are the hunters and which partisans are the hunted. Instead of spewing out violent films that foment and build on hatred and mistrust, where is Hollywood’s noble effort to unite us, to help heal us, and to offer redemption for such political animus? This past Sunday, Hollywood celebrated its cultural impact on the nation, and on the world, at its annual Oscars event. If true, then Hollywood must be held to account for the impact of The Hunt,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

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