PTC Responds to MPAA Decision to Reduce Weinstein Film Rating From R to PG-13

Written by PTC | Published April 27, 2017

movie ratings

The PTC has responded to the news that the Motion Picture Association of America has changed the rating of Harvey Weinstein’s film, 3 Generations, from an R-rating to a PG-13 rating.

“We understand and agree that this film centers on a very important topic. But the trustworthiness of the MPAA’s content rating system is also important. In light of today’s announcement, one of two things has happened: either the production company has removed the specific instances of content that required it to be R-rated, or the MPAA has chosen to disregard its own standards for what is acceptable in PG-13 films. We don’t yet know the answer to that question, but there is no third option. Either parents are going to be able to rely on a system based on standards that were put in place to help them, or they won’t,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “Harvey Weinstein said he spoke with Joan Graves at MPAA extensively about his film’s rating. If Weinstein can speak with Ms. Graves at MPAA extensively and secure a reduced rating, then why can’t parents speak with Ms. Graves extensively and secure a higher age rating, if they feel it is appropriate? “Whether it’s MPAA or the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board, we are clearly on a path where the content ratings systems protect the interests of Hollywood, not parents.”

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