PTC Statement on FCC Review of Kid Vid Rules

Written by PTC | Published April 30, 2018


The FCC’s plans a review of the “Kid Vid Rules” that impose minimum educational and information programming guidelines on television broadcasters.

“I applaud FCC Commissioner O’Rielly’s leadership in reviewing broadcast rules that no longer may be necessary, but let’s not throw the baby out with the deregulatory water. The airwaves are a public asset valued at over half a trillion dollars. Broadcasters use our airwaves for free, as long as their use ‘serves the public interest,’” said PTC President Tim Winter. “While numerous video platforms are indeed available to children today, economically disadvantaged families still rely heavily on broadcasting. Requiring a TV station to air educational programming 3 out of 168 hours per week seems a modest price for free use of a half-trillion-dollar asset. “A review of the rules is absolutely in order and we should simplify them for the times. An honest review might demand more, not fewer, hours of educational TV. “If broadcasters find their public interest obligation to be so burdensome, perhaps Americans should ask them instead to pay fair market value for our airwaves.” Read the PTC’s full analysis about potential changes to the “Kid Vid Rules.”

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