PTC: Subway Should Avoid Sponsoring Fox's The Mick

Written by PTC | Published March 27, 2017

submick The Parents Television Council is urging Subway to clean up its advertising buys. Fox’s The Mick, which has featured child characters “sexting,” discussing child pornography and having threesomes, among other adult content. The show is consistently rated TV-14 by Fox, meaning that the network believes this content is appropriate for children as young as 14. Subway has sponsored five episodes of The Mick. “Given its embarrassing experience with a former company spokesperson, you would think that Subway would, at all costs, avoid associating its brand with a TV show that makes light of child pornography and other explicit adult content, and that routinely features child actors delivering that adult content,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “Advertisers must take responsibility for the TV programs they underwrite via their media dollars, and Subway must be held accountable for marketing grotesquely inappropriate content on The Mick to children. “Subway is paying to put kids in sexualized situations, and that content is being marketed to families as kid-friendly. We are urging our members and other concerned citizens to contact Subway and ask them to reconsider future sponsorship of this show.” 1) TAKE ACTION AGAINST SUBWAY 2) PRINT FLYER TO BRING TO YOUR LOCAL SUBWAY TheMickCouponSm1

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