PTC Success in Holding Advertisers Accountable

Written by PTC | Published September 27, 2013

It is nice to hear good news in the midst of all things negative, and this is what I bring to you today.On September 10, 2013, Mitsubishi sponsored this season’s premiere episode of Sons of Anarchy, a violent series on FX’s network. Often, advertisers are unaware of where their commercials are appearing on television, and that is where I come in. In a matter of hours, Mitsubishi was sent a letter stating that they had sponsored the following content:
  • A group of pornographers filming a torture porn scene in a warehouse.
  • Two men having sexual intercourse atop a partially naked woman on a mattress, simulating a rape scene. The woman is tied up with ropes.
  • A woman in her underwear, locked in a cage.
  • A pornographer saying “I hope you watch our movies and see your daughter raped.”
  • A character named Tig urinating in a bathtub beside a drowned man who is implied to be dead.
Advertisers don’t always reply to our letters, nor do they always take action, but Mitsubishi has done just that. They wrote back not only thanking me for sending the letter, but agreed with the PTC by saying, “Mitsubishi Motors does not condone indecent or profane behavior of any kind.” Since that letter, I am happy to say that Mitsubishi has not appeared on any more episodes of Sons of Anarchy to date. I am confident I can speak on behalf of the PTC, and say we are happy to see Mitsubishi on the path of responsible advertisement. Let us all applaud Mitsubishi for doing the right thing. We hope that they continue, and we offer our resources to help them in any way that we can.

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