PTC to Target: Stop Sponsoring TV Show that Markets Vulgar and Harmful Content to Teens

Written by PTC | Published November 9, 2017


The popular retail chain is a consistent sponsor of Fox's The Mick.

The Parents Television Council is urging Target to reconsider its sponsorship of the violent, vulgar, and sexualized content on Fox’s The Mick, episodes of which have promoted underage drinking, made jokes about rape and prison rape, numerous instances of foul language, sexual discussions among the child characters, and used trivialized violence. Target has sponsored four of five episodes this season, with multiple ads shown throughout the teen-targeted program. “In recent weeks, America has experienced the tragedies of several mass-shootings, and the entertainment industry has been rocked by countless allegations of sexual impropriety and harassment from within the industry. Is Target so out of touch with its customers and with its corporate values that the company would underwrite content that trivializes violence, rape and sexual assault with its ad dollars?” said PTC President Tim Winter. “Research has shown time and again that TV can have a lasting impact on children’s attitudes, beliefs, and behavior. Target should immediately reconsider sponsoring The Mick, which continues to intentionally put its child characters into adult situations, and where these same child characters use foul language, engage in sexual talk, and drink alcohol. As a family brand, Target should recognize that kids can be influenced by what they see on TV and the influence of The Mick can only be detrimental. “As additional incentive, research has shown that programs with high levels of violent or sexual content can actually repress the viewers’ ability to recall advertised brands. By contrast, subjects who watched ‘neutral’ programming were better able to recall the ads the following day. Target can do better, and we encourage the company to consider families when making ad buys.”

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