Selfie: “All I Want is a Tweet Somewhere…”

Written by PTC | Published September 12, 2014

Selfie tells a My Fair Lady story in today’s social media-obsessed world.Selfie Eliza Dooley is a woman obsessed with becoming famous through the use of social media…until a sudden hit to her online popularity makes her realize that she needs actual friends, not just people she "friends" online. Eliza asks snobbish marketing guru Henry Higenbottam to take on the challenge of transforming the shallow, image-obsessed Eliza into a real human being. But Eliza’s journey may affect the closed-off workaholic Henry and change in the process. Loosely based on My Fair Lady (note the characters’ names), Selfie contains some risqué content which may concern parents. Describing her transformation from “most butt” in high school to her current “fab” self, Eliza notes, “I blew out my curls and pushed out the girls.” She has also been carrying on an affair with a married co-worker, and later makes a casual reference to anal sex (“No backdoor stuff”) to an appalled Henry. There is also little appeal in a show about a vapid narcissist and a hyper-critical workaholic; who exactly are audiences supposed to be rooting for? Finally, it is difficult to see how the show’s premise can be sustained for an entire season…let alone how long viewers will be able to tolerate non-stop dialogue like, “OMG! I was totally LOL’ing. Hashtag loser!” Selfie premieres Tuesday, September 30 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC. Take a look yourself and tell us what you think in our comments below!

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