Seth MacFarlane’s War on Christmas

Written by PTC | Published December 17, 2013

adimg5Santa Claus, a gun-crazed killer. Eggnog presented as semen. These and other horrors were Seth MacFarlane’s early Christmas presents to the American people last Sunday night. The Sunday, December 15th episode of Family Guy (which also contained a scene of a child being shot in the head – on the anniversary of the Newtown massacre) wallowed in tasteless so-called “humor,” mingling Christmas themes with MacFarlane staples such as sleazy sex, anti-Semitism, and racist bigotry: Peter tries to get his father-in-law Carter to reinstate the mall’s Christmas carnival by showing him the “Christmas spirit.” Peter: “Okay, Carter, a big part of Christmas is masturbating like you would any other day, but feeling guilty about it because it’s Christmas.” Peter leaves, then re-enters the room moments later, looking guilty. Peter: (sighs) “What’s wrong with me?” Mixing hard-core pornography with Christmas, Peter dumps eggnog (standing in for semen) all over Carter’s face, then films the result. Peter: “Drink it, Carter. Take all the ‘nog. Yeah, you like that ‘nog. Don’t spit the ‘nog out. Now look at the camera for a POV shot. Say ‘thank you’ with the ‘nog in your mouth. Now go down to the hotel lobby and check out with ‘nog all over your face.” Carter refuses to reinstate the carnival. Carter: “We’re done here. No Christmas carnival.” Peter: “Wow, Carter. I had no idea you were Jewish.” Carter: “WHAT?! Is – is that how this is coming off?” Peter: “Yeah, kinda. That’s what everyone’s saying.” Cater: “People think I’m JEWISH?” Carter reinstates the carnival. A sign reads, “Carter Pewterschmidt and Jesus Present: The Quahog Mall Christmas Carnival.” A group of Asian carolers sing “Deck the Halls.” Carolers: “Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra rah.” [caption id="attachment_1436" align="alignright" width="279"]American Dad video clip Click to view video[/caption] MacFarlane continued his desecration of Christmas on the same night’s episode of American Dad. In this program, Steve's naughty holiday behavior results in Stan taking him to prison to see Grandpa Jack, who recalls how, in his youth, he once captured a demon that preyed on unruly children at Christmas. The demonic Krampus is a genuine legend from northern Europe, where he was considered the flip side of Santa Claus; where Santa rewarded good children, Krampus punished bad ones. Naturally, MacFarlane inverts the legend, portraying the profane demon as rough-edged (Krampus: “You better be good boys and girls or I’ll beat you until blood’s coming from your ears and your eyes and your mouth. Merry Christmas! And from your ass!” ), but ultimately a good guy. By contrast, Santa Claus is portrayed as a psychotic, gun-toting murderer: Santa’s elves trap Stan’s head in a noose and begin beating him. Stan is tied to a chair inside Santa’s workshop. Santa enters and pistol-whips Stan with a revolver painted like a candy cane. He points the muzzle at Stan’s head. Later, Stan, Santa, and the elves storm Krampus’ castle, firing machine guns and killing household objects that are alive, ala Beauty and the Beast. When the objects are shot, they explode in sprays of blood. Santa shoots Krampus in the chest as Steve wails by his side. Santa stands over Krampus, and points the gun at Krampus’ head. A gunshot is heard as blood sprays onto Steve’s face. Roger: “Oh, gross. It got in your mouth.” Santa points his gun at Stan. Stan: “What are you doing? We had a deal.” Santa: “Yeah, well I’m Santa. And maybe now even a dumbass like you could figure out that I’m the bad guy.” Steve: “That’s what I was trying to tell you. Krampus was good. He cared about kids. Santa just spoils them.” Santa: “And I make a hell of a lot of money doing it! Most of my portfolio is in toy stocks.” While in his public appearances Seth MacFarlane puts on a show of being a cheerful, light-hearted song-and-dance man, deep down inside he must be the most miserable, embittered person alive. What else could explain his non-stop misogyny, racism, anti-Semitism, contempt for Christians, Asians, and pretty much everyone not exactly like himself? Who else could be so full of hatred and loathing for anything sincere that he feels it necessary to trash – in the most violent, graphic, and disgusting manner possible -- symbols of childhood innocence like Santa Claus? Millions of children watch Family Guy and American Dad every Sunday night. Even worse, those programs are now in syndication – meaning they are shown after school, at 4 or 5 in the afternoon, on dozens of TV stations across the country. Indeed, it’s not unlikely that many children who still believe in Santa Claus were exposed to MacFarlane’s hate-filled depiction of Santa as a crazed, sadistic murderer – and many more will be in the future. At a time when our entire culture pauses to celebrate the spirit of Christmas – a spirit of giving, of compassion, and of childhood innocence – it is beyond tragic that one man and one television network are permitted to inflict their hate-filled bile on millions of American children, using the very airwaves the American people own. Terrorizing millions of children by portraying Santa Claus as a demented murderer. Sickening millions of adults with his semi-pornographic take on the customs many hold dear. This is Seth MacFarlane’s gift to America this holiday season. Merry Christmas. _____________________ To help the PTC fight Seth MacFarlane's filth, click here.

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