“Sex Box” Struggling After Only Three Weeks

Written by PTC | Published March 19, 2015

we_tv_sex_box Is it possible that “Sex Box” is on the way out? WE tv hasn’t announced plans to pull the program yet, but it has been moved out of the primetime line-up and dropped into a midnight time slot where it will have only a fraction of the potential audience exposure. What’s more, they may be limping along with little or no advertiser support. After receiving a deluge of messages from concerned parents last week, Skechers contacted the PTC and explained that they never intended to advertise on Sex Box. They also assured us that they would not sponsor the program going forward.
We THANK Skechers for making a responsible decision, and we encourage our members to consider Skechers products when shopping for shoes.
And in the third airing of “Sex Box,” we were not able to identify any national advertisers. WE tv must be feeling the financial loss. “Sex Box” is losing money for the network, and if they continue to keep it on the air without advertiser support, they are breaching their fiduciary duty to shareholders. The failure of “Sex Box” to attract advertising dollars, or to even attract viewers should serve as a warning to cable competitors. Americans are fed-up with brainless, sleazy, lowest-common-denominator programming, and any cable network that was planning on following WE tv’s lead should think twice.

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