Sexualized Media Causes Emotional Problems in Girls

Written by PTC | Published February 28, 2017

Adolescent Girl with Head in Hands A recent study shows malign effects of sex in media. A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health has found that sexualized images of women in advertising and media can increase emotional issues in pre-teen girls In the study, researchers at University College, London, surveyed 1,600 pupils age 11-13, and comparing the mental health of schoolchildren in 2009 with those in 2014. The study found that the number of schoolgirls with emotional problems rose from 13% in 2009 to 20% (one in five) in 2014. The study’s authors were surprised to see the spike in emotional problems, as five years is a short period of time in such a study. Author Dr. Miranda Wolpert said the study highlights the significant and growing emotional problems reported by young girls today, adding that increasing stress on girls and young women can come from academic pressure to “their increasing sexualisation and objectification, amplified by social media.” A recent survey found that nine out of ten teenage girls think TV and magazines focus too much on appearance rather than achievement. Read more

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