Sonic Drive-In Top Sponsor of “Little Demon”

Written by PTC | Published September 22, 2022

More good news! Because of your overwhelming response, it looks like Olive Garden is now off “Little Demon.”

Every week, more and more of the available ad slots on “Little Demon” are being filled with network promotions for other Disney properties – and fewer and fewer are being filled with actual paid advertising.

That means “Little Demon” is losing money for FXX and Disney!

We need to keep the momentum going until Disney realizes “Little Demon” is too costly to keep on the air.

Now Sonic Drive-In needs to hear from you! NINE ads for Sonic Drive-In restaurants have aired in only five episodes of “Little Demon” and FOUR of those were on the most recent episode!

We’ve tried reaching out to them privately – to let them know that they risk doing irreparable harm to their brand and reputation by sponsoring a program that has featured animated female frontal nudity, gore, dozens of f-words and s-words; and rampant occult violence and sexual violence.

They might ignore one or two messages, but they can’t ignore the concerns of hundreds of parents and grandparents – and potential customers – like you.

Take action now by clicking HERE to send your message to Sonic.

Help us make the “Little Demon” as toxic to sponsors as the content is toxic to America’s families.

Please, take action today. Because Our Children Are Watching.

Take Action. Stay Informed.