Sons of Anarchy Creator is a Schoolyard Bully

Written by PTC | Published September 23, 2013

Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy, just can’t stay out of his own way. In case you missed it, PTC founder Brent Bozell penned his column this week on last week’s Sons of Anarchy episode that featured a school shooting, rape and drowning in urine. It’s really a must-read and does a great job of describing just what passes for deep thought in Hollywood these days. Now the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, has again beclowned himself by bashing anyone and anything who may take issue with the content of his creation. Although Sutter’s new rant was addressed to the founder of the PTC, his comments were a direct attack on the PTC itself – and anyone who fights to protect kids. Now you remember Mr. Sutter, right? He’s the guy who Sutter Rantposted a rant against the PTC (language warning) on YouTube last week labeling millions of concerned parents and families as somehow not “intuitive” or “intelligent” because they don’t want to pay for the content his show regularly produces. Oh, the temerity of those who seek not to pay Mr. Sutter’s salary via their cable bills, even if they don’t watch his show! At least he was kind enough to add that he “would not imagine at [the PTC] were evil people.” Thanks for that, Kurt! Not to be outdone, Sutter responded to Bozell’s column over the weekend sounding much like a defensive high school boy with an overwrought use of his word processor’s thesaurus function. Sutter lashed out with a profane, nonsensical anger that you have to read to believe. While most of Mr. Sutter’s continued ranting against families isn’t worthy of attention, much less a response, there are a couple of parts of it that do:

“it’s all about your own political agenda. You are desperately trying to create a lobby that matters. But you cannot. And it f****** kills you that after all these years, you and your hate club are still flaccid and impotent.”

If the PTC is so irrelevant, why does Mr. Sutter continue to respond to rational criticism of the content of the show with such vitriol? The PTC has more than 1.3 million members all across the country and our members have made amazing things happen that have helped to protect children from the type of content that Mr. Sutter delights in but is inappropriate and harmful to children -- and shouldn’t be subsidized by the millions of cable and satellite customers who have no interest in it.” That’s a real threat to the way Hollywood does business and that’s why guys like Kurt Sutter pay attention to the PTC. “You are not very bright, your message is archaic and loving parents can innately sense that the PTC has no heart and no real interest in the betterment of children.” There he goes again with the idea that people who simply disagree with him are not very intelligent. That’s pretty ironic if you ask me. But besides that, the only reason the PTC exists is to “better” children by protecting them from the content of shows like Sons of Anarchy. Our members and our staff are deeply committed to that goal and Sutter’s schoolyard-esque smear is nothing but cynical self-serving self-promotion. It should be recognized for what it is.

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