Super Bowl Advertising Proof of TV’s Power to Persuade

Written by PTC | Published January 31, 2018

bigGameAd2 Advertisers will spend an estimated $5 million for a 30-second spot during Sunday’s Super Bowl and a shot at pitching their brand or service to the largest audience for any television broadcast all year. Some marketers have opted to use their 30 seconds to highlight a cause or their own charitable works. Many will shoot for a safe middle ground, featuring celebrities in inoffensive, humorous spots (Danny DeVito for M&Ms; David Schwimmer for Skittles; Bill Hader for Pringles; Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman for Mountain Dew and Doritos; Keanu Reeves for Squarespace). Others aspire to nothing higher than Monday morning watercooler-buzz and are willing to aim low to make sure people are talking about them. But whether the ads aim high or low, they are a testament to the power of television to sway the choices and behavior of viewers. Why else would a large corporation – always conscious of costs and profit margins – spend that kind of money for 30 seconds of exposure? Along with that power to persuade comes an obligation to act responsibly. With the largest audience for any televised event also comes the largest audience of children. Here’s hoping marketers will remember that, and act accordingly. Below is a round-up of what to expect this Super Bowl Sunday; good, bad, and indifferent. Don’t see the Super Bowl ad you loved – or loved to hate – highlighted here? Tell us about it in the comments below. --------------------------------------------------

The Good:

Beer Companies Highlight Good Works: Budweiser and Stella Artois are both highlighting efforts to provide clean water to developing nations and to victims of natural disasters:

The Bad:

Groupon Aims for the Groin: Febreeze’s [Bleep] Don’t Stink: Amazon’s Alexa Lost Her Voice:

The Indifferent:

M&Ms Lucky Penny: Mt. Dew Ice versus Doritos Blaze: DonateSB

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