Supergirl-Flash Crossover Proves Viewers Want Family Fare

Written by PTC | Published March 29, 2016

The crossover between two family-friendly shows drew increased viewership. In a rare event this week, characters from the CW’s superhero program The Flash crossed over into an episode of CBS’ Supergirl. Ratings for Supergirl increased 21% in total viewers over the previous week during the crossover episode, and it was the highest-rated scripted show on broadcast TV Monday night. The PTC has previously been complimentary about the light-hearted content on The Flash; and we named Supergirl as one of the best new shows this broadcast season. Both programs are appropriate for kids and younger teens, and abound with positive messages as well as adventure. This latest ratings success proves that, when it comes to attracting an audience, family-friendly content is king.

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