The Mick: More Kids, More Strippers

Written by PTC | Published January 18, 2018

The Mick 4 The Fox series featured teens visiting a strip club. At this point, it is clear that there is nothing too disgusting for the writers of Fox’s The Mick (Tuesdays, 9:30 p.m. ET)…a statement amply proven by the contents of the January 16th episode. Learning that Chip was the result of an affair between his mother and another man – or, in Chip’s own words, he’s “the bastard of some crap head strip club owner” -- Chip and Sabrina set off to meet his biological father – who still owns the strip club where Chip’s mother was employed. While the father shows Chip around the club, Sabrina sits and enjoys the view of a scantily-clad dancer gyrating in front of her. Meanwhile, Mickey learns that her former boyfriend Jimmy has died. Visiting the morgue to identify the body, Mickey demands, “Can you flip him over please? We need to see his ass. Jimmy had a burned ass..Go grab one of his legs so I can look inside his ass.” Mickey learns the corpse isn’t Jimmy. After it’s cremated, she takes the ashes – which little Ben eats, believing them to be candy. At the end, Mickey is reunited with Jimmy, producing the following heartwarming dialogue: Jimmy: “I'm just some freak with burned up genitals and an ass to match.” Mickey: “I did all of it. Your ass, you know, your nuts. I burned 'em all. It was all me. I mean, your ass 'cause I thought it would be funny. It didn't turn out to be, but your nuts -- that was because I didn't want you to get mixed up in a boiler room.” This is what Fox continues to consider proper entertainment for families and other viewers in prime time – and which it blasts into every home in America.

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