The Safest Way for Families to Watch Streaming Video

Written by PTC | Published August 3, 2021

In recent weeks, I’ve shared with you numerous warnings about explicit content on streaming media platforms – especially some very dangerous content that is targeting our most innocent children and grandchildren.

Today I get to share with you some good news!

Our friends at VidAngel, which allows families to control the violence, sex and profanity from movies and TV, has voiced its formal support for the Parents Television and Media Council.

“PTC is a bold defender of children,” said VidAngel CEO Bill Aho, “and a valuable resource for parents who are concerned about how the content in media can impact them.”

I have known Bill for more than fifteen years; and I have met with, and spoken with, a number of members of the VidAngel team. They share the PTC’s mission and vision. And while PTC and VidAngel may approach it from slightly different angles, our objectives are ultimately the same: to make movies and TV shows safer for children and families.

VidAngel’s technology allows families to control the levels and type of adult content that has become increasingly pervasive in movies and television. It works with most popular content from Netflix and Amazon Prime.

As a special offering to all PTC members, VidAngel is offering two months of their content-filtering technology for only $.99 per month (it’s normally $9.99).

VidAngel has also volunteered to feature PTC on some of its customer communications. “I have always been impressed by PTC’s tireless efforts to make parents aware of the content-creep in the media,” Bill Aho said to me. “This industry needs a watchdog and PTC has embraced the challenge to hold the industry accountable. We wholeheartedly endorse the work that you do.”

Their service is very easy to use, and I hope you’ll give it a try. The VidAngel offer is good through September 30, 2021. Go to and use the Code: PTC.

Thank you for your dedicated and unwavering support for the PTC’s vital work...

Because Our Children Are Watching.

Take Action. Stay Informed.