The Winning Formula

Written by PTC | Published February 20, 2014

Frozen A fundamental tenet of business is first, find out what it is that people want or need; then set about to fill that demand. For years -- decades, even -- there has been data pointing to a massive, under-served market for family entertainment. The demand was unquestionably there, but Hollywood kept producing movies and television programs they wanted to see, rather than seeking to provide what audiences actually wanted. But it’s hard to argue against success, and a string of family-friendly blockbuster hits in theaters, and successful pro-faith and pro-family television series like the Mark Burnett/Roma Downey-produced Bible miniseries, are leading the way to a family entertainment renaissance. This year, the Biblical stories of Noah, the Exodus, and “Son of God” will be coming to the big screen, as well as non-religious, family films like Night at the Museum 3, Annie, Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and Muppets Most Wanted. And is it any wonder studios are pushing family productions when nine of the ten top grossing films of 2013 had religious or family themes, according to the 2014 Movieguide Report. Contrary to what network and studio executives have been telling us for years, it’s not edgy content, graphic violence, or over-the-top sexuality that makes a show successful or drives audiences to the theaters. In fact, of the 25 top-grossing films, only four were rated R, and those four ranked between 15th and 19th on the list. Moreover, the Movieguide analysis shows that movies with no foul language or sexual content significantly out-earned movies with profanity and significant nudity or sexual content. Even deep-pocketed studios can only afford to ignore market demand for so long. Read More.

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