These "Dads" Are No Role Models

Written by PTC | Published January 17, 2014

Dads, a new sitcom airing on Fox, Tuesday nights at 8:00/7:00c, focuses on Eli and Warden, two game developers whose lives drastically change when their fathers move in with them. Have you been watching? My guess is “No,” being that Dads earned a series low this week according to TvByTheNumbers. But I can’t say I’m too surprised, considering that the first episode alone featured offensive racially insensitive comments like “The Chinese are a lovely and honorable people but you can’t trust them,” and David mistaking his son’s wife as a maid, simply because she looks Latina. Seth MacFarlane, producer of the show, is known for his juvenile humor and Dads is more of the same. In last Tuesday’s episode, Warner is shown using a black light to spot which areas on his colleague’s desk need to be disinfected. When his coworker asked, “Does that even work?” Warner excitedly states, “Oh yea, these things are amazing, it even lights up semen.” Warden’s father then walks into the room, waving “hi” to everyone when his hand is illuminated by the black light, presumed to be semen on his hand from masturbating. This episode also glosses over the fact that Eli is sexually harassing his employee. He makes inappropriate comments to her at work and actively seduces her under the guise of caring for her while she's sick, ultimately succeeding in the end. Meanwhile in another scene, Warner’s stay-at-home wife attempts to watch her daytime TV show Girls, when David shoots her down saying, “Hey, I’m trying to get erections, not lose them.” This entire season has been a recipe for disaster with its multitude of misogynistic, sexist, racial and sexual commentary. This isn’t entertainment, it's cultural pollution. and after approving Dads for a full season, Fox has already cut three episodes of the show. Apparently they can’t wait for the show to end anymore than we can. If this is what our children are watching, then I’m afraid for their future. FCC Complaint Video Content on Vimeo.

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