This Ad Should Leave a Good Taste in Your Mouth

Written by PTC | Published January 30, 2014

The two main things you pay attention to during the Super Bowl are of course the game, and second, the commercials. Companies spend millions of dollars for a shot at pitching their product or service to the year's biggest television audience. In years past, the trend with Super Bowl commercials has been toward sexualizing women (, for example) or bathroom and slapstick humor, but General Mills is breaking the mold. During this year’s Super Bowl, viewers will be treated to a sweet, and family-friendly ad that shows a father explaining to his daughter, by use of Cheerios, that she’s becoming a big sister. He shows her two cheerios, that represent mommy and daddy, and two more cheerios representing the daughter and the soon-to-be son. The little girl is shown adding one more cheerio to the mix, exclaiming she wants a dog too. Camille Gibson, Vice President of Marketing for Big G cereals explains, “Cheerios is about family and love…Our new Cheerios ad celebrates one of those special moments in a family that America fell in love with. The ad quietly celebrates the emotional sharing and simple joys we find when spending just a few simple moments together every day.” This is the first Super Bowl commercial for Cheerios, and only the second time General Mills has advertised during the Super Bowl since 1996. Here at the PTC we are always excited and proud to see a company show responsible marketing tactics. Going against the grain will always make you stand out more. Great comeback, General Mills, we applaud you.

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