TV Still #1 Screen for Kids

Written by PTC | Published February 19, 2019

Baby Using Computer A new study shows traditional television is still the dominant screen for children. As reported by Advanced Television, a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Pediatrics shows that children are spending more time watching television than ever before -- to the point that television viewing takes up significantly more of children's time that does use of mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. “Our findings were surprising, as it feels like mobile devices are omnipresent," said Health Department professor Weiwei Chen. "But televisions are still the most common way for young children to consume media.” According to the research team said that, while parents are right to be concerned about the overuse of mobile devices by children, it is also important to pay more attention to the amount of TV kids are watching. The study found that the average amount of screen time in 1997 for children under age 2 was 1.3 hours, while children 3-5 spent about 2.5 hours a day on screens. By 2014, children under 2 were using screens an average of 3 hours a day – more than double the amount of time. Children 3-5 in 2014 did not have a significant increase. “The increase in the amount of screen time for infants and toddlers is telling. Our study reinforces general findings that a variety of characteristics, such as education and income levels, relate to screen use,” said Jessica L. Adler, history professor at Stempel College.

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