TV Writers Take Note: The PTC is equally concerned about violence and profanity as sex on TV

Written by PTC | Published November 21, 2014

In the wake of the PTC's criticism of the FX network for bringing HBO-caliber p*rnography to basic cable, some critics and TV writers have taken the PTC to task for “hypocrisy” and claiming there was “divide” exposed between parental sensitivities on explicit sexual content and graphic violence. Simply put, this is absurd. Parents are deeply concerned about all manner of harmful content that their children could be exposed to. That’s why the PTC is so active on all of the areas within our mission: sex, violence and profanity. Here are just a few examples of our efforts on media violence alone: Clearly there is nothing “hypocritical” about the seriousness of our mission or the manner in which the PTC goes about it. What is hypocritical are TV writers who can’t seem to use Google to find some facts when it runs contrary to the story they wish to weave.

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