UP's Ties That Bind Earns PTC Seal of Approval

Written by PTC | Published August 5, 2015

Ties That BindUP's new series Ties That Bind combines an exciting and realistic police drama format with what UP is the very best at: family. And it does so honestly and realistically. TV Schedule: 9:00 p.m. (ET) Wednesdays (Repeats at 10, and 11 pm EST) See your time zone for local listings. Network: UP Network Production Companies: Pender Productions, Corbi Media, Reel One Entertainment, UP Television Producers: Sheryl J. Anderson, Tom Berry, Manuel and Roger Corbi, Mercedes Gamero Creator: Sheryl J. Anderson When police detective Alison McLean is forced to arrest her own brother Tim, and sees him sent to prison for assault, she and her contractor husband Matt try to do the right thing – by taking Tim’s angry teens, Cameron and Mariah, into their own home. But this inevitably causes conflict with Matt and Alison’s own children, Jeff and Rachel, who resent the newcomers. Throughout, Alison strives to bring her moral values into action, both in her family and in the dangerous cases she works with the police. Ties That Bind contains little content to concern parents. As it does involve police cases and crime, guns, blood, and limited violence are occasionally seen and discussed. Profanity and sexual content are not problems for the program. Combining the excitement of a police procedural with the genuine and honest emotions of a family series, and promoting a deeply honest and moral worldview, Ties That Bind has received the PTC Seal of Approval. This series is recommended for all viewers over age ten. To find UP on your cable or satellite system, click here. PTC RATINGS Sex: Green Language: Green Violence: Green Overall: Green

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