VH1 Wants Your 14-Year-Old To See This!

Written by PTC | Published August 11, 2016

dating_naked_3x2-EDITED Former PTC Honorary Chairman Steve Allen said “TV is leading children down a moral sewer” and VH-1 and Dating Naked proved his words are still true today. In addition to graphic sexual dialogue, yesterday’s show included a dangerous message encouraging girls to sleep with men to prove their worthiness as potential mates. A female participant who is determined to win the affection of one of the males says: “I want David…I have to step my game up…When you’re young, be crazy. Do what you have to do.” She gets in bed and under the covers with David. In another scene, a female and male participant are describing his genitals. She says: “I’ve seen so many penises…and this by far is THE biggest.” The man then says: “I’m definitely proud of my package…it’s special. My penis is shaved, clean, STD-free and healthy…balls hanging and everything.” As Steve Allen said, TV is undermining the morals parents work so hard to instill in children, instead promoting the idea of consequence-free promiscuous sex, and leading our nation down to the lowest possible standards of decency. No responsible TV network executive would consider this material appropriate for a child, yet VH1 rates Dating Naked TV-14, suitable for 14-year-old children who have just begun to develop attitudes toward healthy – or unhealthy – sexual behavior. Our children and teens deserve better. We must convince VH-1 that Dating Naked is rated inaccurately and unsuitable for children. Most importantly, America needs a new, reliable TV content ratings system that accurately rates adult-themed material and helps parents protect their children from harmful programming.

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