Viewers Seek Family-Friendly TV Choices

Written by PTC | Published November 11, 2015

Viewership numbers for prime-time programs demonstrate a clear desire for more family-friendly choices. For most of television’s existence, the networks were concerned about making programming viewers actually wanted to watch. But particularly over the last decade, those who create television programming are increasingly concerned only with putting on shows that those in the industry and their cronies actually find appealing. The result is plummeting viewership for many programs on prime-time TV. One example is NBC’s Truth Be Told and its obsession with pornography and children being exposed to sex; so few viewers watch the seamy program that NBC recently not only cut back on the number of episodes ordered, but even destroyed the sets Even greater evidence are the prime-time viewership numbers for this past Tuesday, November 10th. ABC’s gory, grotesque sexual serial killer drama Wicked City is the least-watched new program of any of the four major networks this fall, and drew only 1.7 million viewers. The PTC renews its call for the immediate cancellation of this sick show – though with numbers like that, we may not have to wait very long. Similarly, Fox’s Scream Queens had only 2.5 million viewers, a new low; while ABC’s “adult-themed” The Muppets (already notorious for its sexual innuendo and alcohol-and-drug-related “humor” aimed at kids) also bottomed out, with fewer than 4 million viewers. By contrast, NBC’s clean, family-friendly, and upbeat music competion The Voice did exceptionally well. While not definitive proof, these facts certainly suggest that a majority ov viewers are tired of graphic and explicit programs, and are looking for family content that, sadly, is very hard to find today.

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