When Is a Girl “Half a Man”?

Written by PTC | Published July 18, 2013

For a decade, producer Chuck Lorre’s sleazy CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men has dumped graphic sexual dialogue onto the publicly-owned airwaves. But this fall, the “Half Man” of the show’s title will be replaced – with a young woman. Angus T. Jones, the actor who played first young boy, then teenager, Jake Harper will leave Two and a Half Men after 10 seasons. Last year, Jones called the program “filth” and urged viewers not to watch it, after he became more involved with his faith. The Los Angeles Times has announced that Jones’ character will be replaced by Jenny, a 21-year-old lesbian and illegitimate daughter of the show’s former protagonist, promiscuous Charlie Harper. (Harper was played by Charlie Sheen, who also departed Two and a Half Men under unusual circumstances several years ago.) The presence of the new character will merely up the ante for CBS and Lorre’s crass sex “comedy.” After a decade of having all his male characters treat women like sex objects, Chuck Lorre will now be having other women treat women like sex objects, too: “While the Jenny character, who will start off in a recurring role, has yet to be cast, she's said to share some traits with her father -- including a love of women,” notes The Wrap. This will offer just another opportunity for misogynistic voyeurs to watch girls making out with girls – and for CBS and Chuck Lorre to merrily continue sexualizing women. The PTC’s most recent study documents the increased sexual exploitation of young women on prime time TV – and the fact that such exploitation is frequently treated as the subject of humor. With the creation and exploitation of yet another sex-obsessed young female character in a “comedy,” CBS demonstrates why TV today bodes ill for self-respecting women and teenage girls – whatever their orientation.

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