Which TV Sponsors Have Been Naughty, And Which Have Been Nice?

Written by PTC | Published November 19, 2015


Consider This List When Holiday Shopping

The Parents Television Council announced the companies that it chose for its annual Best/Worst Advertisers List. The “Best” companies on this list have demonstrated willingness to support positive TV programming. Those companies on the “Worst” list have supported TV shows that routinely feature sex, violence, and profanity, and have not responded to calls to reevaluate their sponsorship behavior. “TV’s influence does not end when the commercials are over. Those companies on our ‘best’ list recognize that fact, choosing to put their ad dollars towards supporting TV programming that is more positive and wholesome for families. And that’s no easy feat since there’s such a dearth of safe primetime broadcast TV shows for families to watch together. We applaud those on our ‘best’ list for taking seriously their responsibility towards families,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “We have found that companies on our ‘worst’ list consistently sponsor primetime broadcast TV shows that feature extremely disturbing and harmful content and that are rated by the networks as appropriate for children. Some of those shows include: ‘Family Guy,’ which over the past year has featured ‘jokes’ about sexually assaulting children; ‘Wicked City,’ a serial killer-focused drama that routinely shows graphic violence and sex; ‘Scream Queens,’ which shows graphic gore akin to R-rated horror movies. “Companies can choose to change their sponsorships – and we urge those in the worst category to reevaluate their ad buys. Research shows that programs with high levels of violent or sexual content can actually repress the viewers’ ability to recall advertised brands. By contrast, subjects who watched ‘neutral’ programming were better able to recall the ads the following day. “Finally, we ask Americans who are concerned about the effect of harmful TV content on children to use this list as they begin their holiday shopping, to reward the good ones and avoid the worst.” PTC's Best/Worst Advertisers List of 2015 The list is arranged by industry, followed by the best and worst companies in each category.
Computers/Software Google Microsoft
Candy Nestle; Mondelez International (Trident, Dentyne, Bubblicious, Toblerone) Mars; Wrigley
Pharmaceutical Sanofi; Johnson & Johnson Bayer; Merck
Consumer Brands P&G (Cover Girl, Luvs, Swiffer, Bounty, Tide, Crest, Pampers, Olay, Duracell, Gillette, Always, NyQuil) Unilever (Dove, Axe, Lipton, Suave, Vaseline, Hellmann’s)
Beverages Coca Cola Red Bull
Fast Food Wendy’s; Dunkin’ Brands McDonald’s; Burger King; Yum!
Insurance Prudential Nationwide
Office Supply Office Depot Staples
Jewelry/Retail Helzberg Diamonds Kay Jewelers
Clothing/Retail TJX (Marshalls, Home Goods, TJ Maxx) L Brands (Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, La Senza)
General Retail Sears; Walmart Target; Best Buy

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