Worst TV Show of the Week: Scream Queens on Fox

Written by PTC | Published October 13, 2015

ScreamQueens1 For presenting necrophilia at 7 p.m. on the public airwaves, the October 6th episode of Fox’s Scream Queens is the Worst TV Show of the Week. Ryan Murphy’s new show Scream Queens has received lavish praise from the media’s so-called “critics.” Containing violence appropriate to an R-rated movie, and hate-filled, bigoted language which passes for clever dialogue, he show has been lauded by those paid to never question Hollywood’s most heinous excesses. About grossly caricatured sorority house members – from the Kappa’s “queen bitch” Chanel to a group of pledges identified as “Deaf Taylor Swift,” “Predatory Lez,” and other such endearing nicknames – being stalked and murdered by someone wearing a devil costume, Scream Queens is allegedly that most overused and abused word, a “satire” of horror films. In fact, it resembles nothing so much as a third-rate horror film itself…except that it goes further than most real horror films do, even though it airs on the publicly-owned airwaves at 7 p.m. Central/Mountain. [Tweet "#ScreamQueens worse than many horror films bc it is targeted to teens #RatingsReform"] For instance, the first episode featured a woman’s face being boiled in oil, then showed her tearing her own facial skin off; a girl’s entire body being sprayed with hydrocholoric acid and being eaten away while she was still alive; and an entire group of girls buried up to their necks, then having their heads run over by a riding lawn mower. To this repertoire of gore, in the most recent episode was added a lengthy speech about the joys of sex with dead bodies: __________________ Chad stands in a cemetery, looking down at his grandmother’s grave. Chad: “Bet you are a sexy dirt-covered girl, that's what I bet you are.” Chad unzips his pants. Hester startles Chad as she approaches. Hester: “Is that your grandmother?” Chad: “I was just...um...sometimes I come out here and I just rub my hands on the gravestones. When I find a gravestone I like, I, um, get turned on and I rub one out to it.” Hester: “I get it. I get you more than anyone. I also find the thought of dead bodies extremely arousing…And here you are saddle up with an uptight girlfriend who freaked out for no other reason than the fact that you just wanted to fantasize about having sex with her lifeless corpse. I want everything Chanel has. And that includes you.” Chad: “Oh, my God, I got a total chub right now.” Hester: “Chanel's done. Zayday's gonna win for Kappa house president and when does, I'm pretty sure that vice-president will fall into my hands and when Zayday just happens to fall down a flight of steps or drown in a retention pond, then you'll once again be porking Kappa's top bitch, and this bitch puts out.” Chad: “Okay, I need to do it right now. Right now on Dorothy. You and me. Please.” Hester tells Chad that the location isn't scary enough. Hester: “Keep your phone on. And if you're lucky, maybe in the next couple of days, you'll get a call from someone with a very scary location of where to meet. And maybe...she'll let you in the back door.” Hester winks. _____________________ A decade ago, such queasy content was limited to cable after 10 p.m. But today, the Fox broadcasting network thinks it’s ideal fare for the public airwaves at 7 p.m.! Those who enjoy such depraved fare often howl, “If you don’t like it, put your kids to bed.” But not even the most stringent parents put their children to bed at 7 pm! And they shouldn’t have to. Instead, the broadcasters who are permitted to use the airwaves owned by the public – and use them for free, to make billions of dollars in profit – should respect some basic, common-sense restrictions…like not putting gore and sex with corpses on TV right after the evening news and Wheel of Fortune. For graphic sexual content in the Family Hour, Fox’s Scream Queens is the Worst TV Show of the Week. _________________ McDonald’s sponsored this program. To contact them with your concerns, click here.

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