Worst TV Show of the Week: The Mick on Fox

Written by PTC | Published February 6, 2017

TV trash A prime-time comedy written with all the sophistication and wit of a four year-old. For wallowing in profanity, disgusting behavior, and endless references to excrement, the Tuesday, January 31st episode of Fox’s The Mick is the Worst TV Show of the Week. The episode begins with the Pemberton’s family accountant urging them to cut down on costs, like their country club membership. Learning that gossip columnist Oliver Fishburne has done a story on their family’s financial disgrace, the unbelievably shallow Sabrina and Chip become worried about their reputations. Chip sets out to win the club golf tournament, believing that will restore his reputation; and – with the help of a lying fellow club member – he does, by claiming he shot a hole-in-one. Thus, viewers are told that lying has no negative consequences, and actually helps a person get ahead. Even more disgusting is the episode’s main plot. After Sabrina’s telling him juicy gossip about the other club members and Mickey’s attempt at bribery both fail to woo Fishburne into recanting his story, the duo hatches a plan to humiliate Fishburne by making it look like he defecated in the club’s swimming pool. “He becomes the pariah he tried to make us. The poop pariah!” Mickey gloats. Naturally, this plan also backfires – but not before the viewer gets to witness a fantasy sequence of it playing out properly; scenes of drunken maid Alba calling her little charge Ben a “son of a bitch” (language used repeatedly by 13 year-old Chip, as well); and several dozen uses of the word “poop,” always a sign of a scintillating script. The Mick has quickly gained a reputation as the worst new show on Fox. Universally populated with unlikable, self-centered characters, The Mick also revels in nearly non-existent plotlines that merely provide an excuse for disgusting antics. Not coincidentally, there is a clear precedent for both The Mick and this specific episode, in the FX network’s grotesque “comedy” It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Populated with a cast of similarly obnoxious characters, It’s Always Sunny also had an episode with a nearly identical premise. Sunny’s October 9, 2008 episode was titled “Who Pooped the Bed?” This is how far the so-called “entertainment” industry has “pushed the envelope.” Content once rated TV-MA (mature audiences only) and aired on a cable network at 10:00 p.m. is now considered appropriate for 14 year-olds at 7:30 p.m. Central/Mountain. One has to wonder: how much further are broadcast’s standards going to slip – and what will Fox be airing next year? _________________ Kay Jewelrs sponsored this program. To contact them with your concerns, click here.

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