YOU Will Be Paying for Sex Box

Written by PTC | Published March 12, 2014

The WE TV cable and satellite network has announced that it will air the program Sex Box, a “reality” show in which a real couple has real sex live on TV…and pay-TV customers will be funding it, even if they never watch it.SBox Sex Box first appeared on the British network Channel 4 last September. On the program, real-life couples experiencing relationship difficulties entered a soundproof box, had sex, and immediately afterward talked about their sexual experience with a panel of “experts” in front of millions of viewers. The show’s British producers claim Sex Box “fosters conversations about intimacy that are emotionally honest,” while hostess Mariella Frostrup boasted that the show was "an attempt to have a frank conversation about an essential element of all our lives." However, such claims were undermined by the presence of co-host Dan Savage, who previously aimed his ultra-graphic sex talk at American teens on his own show on MTV. As one British paper pointed out, “normally you'd associate someone being paid to have sex on television with a certain job title and certain channels…It's obvious that [the network is] desperate for some sort of publicity, and that they are willing to degrade innocent members of society to do it.” Not only is WE TV eager to participate in such degradation – they’ll happily force every cable and satellite subscriber in America to pay for it. To learn more about PTC’s Cable Choice campaign, click here.

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