Amplify Your Voice!

You are not alone.
There are untold millions of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and concerned citizens just like you, who are alarmed by what’s happening in the entertainment industry. Like you, they are appalled by the sexualization of children for entertainment; they are tired of being misled by inaccurate ratings; they are fed-up with their kids accidentally stumbling across inappropriate content while they are online or innocently browsing for something to watch. Some of these people may even be friends, family members, colleagues, or neighbors.

Will you help us amplify your voice? Help us get the word out that they are not powerless to stop the harmful content flooding into America’s homes. With your help, we have already made a huge impact. If everyone reading this e-mail forwards it to three or four like-minded friends – imagine the difference we could make in the world.

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