I Will Help Stop AT&T’s Child Porn Disguised as “Entertainment”

PETITION to Request Criminal Investigation of AT&T’s Child Pornography

To: Merrick Garland, Attorney General, United States of America & The Honorable Josh Hawley, United States Senate

I’ve been informed by the Parents Television and Media Council—America’s top research watchdog monitoring TV and streaming media to protect children—that AT&T is producing and marketing pornography involving underage characters on popular programming. Programs include numerous, explicit scenes of MINORS that include violent rape and other forms of forced sex involving minors and adults with minors, showing full frontal nudity and genitals. These scenes are gratuitous, pandering, titillating, and harmful to young people and encouraging to pedophiles. PTC believes this is illegal. Please meet with PTC and initiate a criminal investigation of AT&T. I will be monitoring the situation. Thank you.

With great concern,