Yes, I’ll Give Law Enforcers Evidence

Let’s BUST the Sexual Exploitation of Kids by Hollywood Media

Dear Tim, I’m with you as you take the following steps!

  • Increase PTC’s capacity to view and document the potentially criminal content being spewed into the minds and morals of impressionable American children . . . and pedophiles who are being encouraged by what they see on “entertainment” TV and streaming media.
  • Organize and deliver that evidence—both content descriptions and images—to the FBI agents who have contacted you in response to PTC Member petitions.
  • Deliver the same evidence to other influencers: state attorneys general, members of Congress who are allies in this fight, and others.
  • In addition to forcing arrogant Hollywood execs to either defend or abandon their immoral behavior, please use your enhanced research to warn parents so that children will be rescued and protected today.