Hasbro Must Ensure Toys Do Not Sexualize Children

Dear Mr. Goldner,

This past August, the Hasbro Company removed its Poppy Trolls Doll from retail shelves after the public became aware of a button, located under the doll’s skirt in her genital region, which, when pressed, would make the doll gasp and giggle. The Parents Television Council, along with hundreds of thousands of concerned Americans, expressed dismay that such a doll, overtly intended for children as young as four years of age, could have been produced and placed into the stream of commerce by Hasbro.

It is well that the Poppy product was removed from shelves. However, as of this writing, we have seen and heard absolutely nothing from Hasbro to suggest that those responsible for producing and marketing this doll were held properly to account; nor have we seen or heard anything to suggest that Hasbro has taken steps to ensure that nothing like this will happen again.

With this letter to you both today, I respectfully and fervently call upon you to answer two questions:

1) What has Hasbro done to address and correct this matter internally?

2) Will Hasbro publicly commit that nothing like this will ever happen again?

We note the numerous statements on the Hasbro corporate website suggesting its commitment to corporate responsibility. We also note the company’s stated commitment to responding to concerns about products and suggestions on how you can improve them. Please consider this communication a public expression of such concern, which warrants a timely and thorough response.