I Will Help Tell AT&T’s New Boss to STOP Hurting Our Kids!

Dear Tim, I’ve signed the petition and support your efforts to meet with Mr. John Stankey and present evidence that AT&T needs to clean up pornographic content that harms America’s children. Please alsoaccept my donation to help PTC keep researching, warning parents, and pressuring broadcasters to eliminate programs that threaten the health and lives of America’s kids!


I Will Help Tell AT&T’s New Boss to STOP Hurting Our Kids!
To: Mr. John Stankey, President and CEO, AT&T

Congratulations on your promotion. I stand with Parents Television Council (PTC) and urge you to begin your new job by ending AT&T’s war on America’s children. PTC president Tim Winter will present evidence to you that AT&T-owned DirecTV regularly provides hardcore pornography involving child themes, targeted to children, or with adults depicting children. This corrupts kids who watch and feeds the impulses of pedophiles. End this attack on our kids. AT&T-owned HBO airs shows like Euphoria, that young people watch, which includes penises, violent rape, drug use, and other dark, mentally harmful content. End this attack on our kids. America needs AT&T to be a better corporate citizen. I also support PTC’s efforts to inform your board of these horrific programs and the need for action. I will be watching your response.